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Lake Charles Hurricane Relief

Help us give families their homes back!

Thousands of homes in Lake Charles, LA were severely damaged by Hurricane Laura (Aug 2020) and Hurricane Delta (Oct 2020).

“I am begging, I am pleading for Americans not to forget about Lake Charles,” said the Mayor of Lake Charles. "The magnitude of our destruction is so huge we cannot come back as a community on our own. We cannot restore our homes on our own. We need the help of the American public, if we can get it.” 

In January 2021, a crew of 20 students from the University of Dallas is going to repair homes for residents who cannot afford the renovations themselves. Partnering with Catholic Charities we will focus on helping those most in need.

Your tax-deductible donation will help rebuild a hurting community. 

Let's start a chain reaction. 

Help us - so we can help a handful of families - so they can rebuild their community... 

Can we count on you to help Lake Charles?

Please consider making a donation and spreading the word.