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      Your support has a direct and immediate impact on empowering rangers to be on the frontline of wildlife conservation. As long as we have your support, we will never give up on our shared vision.

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      Your contribution to IAPF will help to train, equip, and support the rangers who risk their lives every day to protect ecosystems in Africa.
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      International Anti Poaching Foundation Inc. (EIN 32-0408734) is a 501(c)(3) approved non-profit organization focused on wildlife conservation. Your donation is tax deductible for U.S. federal income tax purposes to the maximum extent allowed by law.

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      Amy McKenna

      Kristin | $500

      Thank you for your amazing work!


      Anonymous | $103.83

      Sara Plett

      The film trailer was extremely powerful and made me weep. As a vegan and a woman, I felt empowered to watch these other vegan women protect animals. You are all incredible and I am thankful to have witnessed your sacrifice and bravery.

      Jazmin Monet Estopin

      Thank you for your service... It is my honor to donate


      Tara Reilly | $103.83

      Damien, We met you in Newport, RI with Dayton and we are touched by everything you do. Thank you. Unfortunately, Dayton passed a few months ago unexpectedly. keep up all of your amazing work. Thank you, Tara Reilly

      Bruce | $52.07

      Keep up the great work. You inspired the site (non-profit).

      Anonymous | $36.54

      Adam Coleman | $26.19

      Thanks for doing the hard work! I'm here to support y'all.

      Matt Mance | $52.07

      Keep up the amazing work!!

      Anonymous | $1,035.51

      Thank you!


      Ali Mizan | $10/M

      I love you guys. Your organization and others that help protect innocent and vulnerable life on this planet is greatly needed in the face of the greed and cruelty of the other members of our species

      Marianne Randall | $103.83

      Stavroula | $103.83

      Dina Gaspari | $62.42

      Thank you for your vital work. Wish we could do even more to support you.

      GRR | $103.83


      Thank you for your dedication

      Davol | $259.11


      Mother Earth is calling: Save the wild and save ourselves SAVE THE WILD

      Manuel Castillo | $26.19


      Celebrating the power of women and the leadership it takes to protect animals and all that is important for human life.

      Andrea | $103.83

      Evelyn Kimber | $259.11

      Marcia Markwardt | $103.83

      Randall Rothenberg | $52.07

      Mark Wilson | $103.83

      Courageous warriors! The world is in a storm, the US is writhing. Save the innocent, the beautiful creatures. Be safe, honors to you all .

      Phil Round

      Sorry for the paltry amount, but I am a performing musician and have lost the major part of my income producing activity as a result of this pandemic. I think your point about how caring for nature prevents these kinds of disease crises is an excellent one and more people need to hear it!